Iver Alenciks

June 29, 2019

Iver Alenciks is a Senior Business Advisor at HRD Strategies. He brings 30+ years of experience in manufacturing environments leading production operations, capital expansion projects and organizational development initiatives. He has a track record of building, developing & leading highly effective work teams that consistently deliver business critical results. The ability to communicate, develop relationships, demonstrate care, and build organizational trust are all key elements in his work culture improvement successes. His organizational development portfolio includes the development & delivery of training support systems related to technical operations / HPWS leadership / team formation / team building, the leadership of high-performance work system design & implementation efforts, and the design & implementation of skill-based pay compensation systems.

Iver’s experience bandwidth includes operations management, organizational development, high performance work systems, capital project engineering & management, and continuous improvement initiatives. He has led manufacturing business units combining his engineering foundation technical skills and organizational behavior knowledge to deliver positive results in KPIs related to safety, quality, productivity, and employee retention. He has led technical training development for production start-ups and understands first-hand the needs of manufacturing organizations related to these critical support systems.

His depth of knowledge in high performance work systems is built on direct involvement with re-design initiatives, transition planning, leadership & associate awareness training, team formation and start-ups, and support systems development. He is a certified high performance work team training facilitator. He has led hourly / salaried associate teams in the design and implementation of skill-based pay compensation systems. His operations leadership experience includes direct responsibility for the management and control of associate progression in a pay for skills system.

Iver’s roots in the engineering discipline provide a key ingredient in his ability to lead capital project and continuous improvement initiatives. His leadership experiences in this arena include large scale production capability expansions, manufacturing cost reduction capital projects, ERP system configuration and start-ups, and on-going lean manufacturing initiatives.  Iver received his BS Industrial & Systems Engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.  He holds a Master’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University, in Lisle Illinois.