Leadership Model

Visionary Leaders

Display unparalleled commitment to the future of the organization. Essentially they can be described as leading from the inside out by radiating energy and perseverance. They provide a clear vision of the future and articulate the organization’s positive potential which they are clearly committed to achieve. Visionary Leaders are never completely satisfied with the status quo and inspire others to achieve excellence.  Visionary Leaders inspire hope, confidence and motivation.  They anticipate change and have the foresight to be a proactive innovator.

 Impact behavior, personal and organizational performance expectations.  These values are well-defined, frequently articulated, and widely understood.  Values endure and drive change that leads to effective execution, performance excellence and results. They are absolute, unchanging, non-negotiable and aligned with the vision. Values Based Leadership incorporates character, morals, stewardship, engagement, community, and accountability. They connect with the most powerful drives: conscience, integrity, self-respect, and servant leadership which are the fundamentals from which our capacity to lead ourselves and others is constructed.
Defines the level to which an individual has achieved satisfactory technical and professional skills or knowledge.  Leaders keep abreast of important trends that impact the organization (technological, competitive, social, economic, etc.), as well as current developments and trends in areas of expertise that are essential to the organization’s success.  They demonstrate the ability to acquire and administer human, financial, material and information resources effectively in a manner that instills confidence with stakeholders.
Is the ability to interact with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization. Adheres to moral and ethical principles and core values, and acts in line with those values. Can present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; does not misrepresent self for personal gain.  Values diversity.
Encompasses the ability to develop positive working relationships with individuals, stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.  This includes the ability to inspire, motivate and develop other people, while keeping aligned with the values and ideals of the organization.  These leaders demonstrate the proper interpersonal and motivational styles key to effective teamwork and collaboration. They create a climate that fosters personal investment and excellence, which gives people the opportunity and latitude to grow.
Involves the ability to adapt behavior and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.  This competency requires that individuals demonstrate personal work management skills, the ability to resist stress, and work constructively under pressure, responding resourcefully to change and ambiguity.  Leaders display a bias for action, take calculated risks, and are quick and deliberate when necessary.  They are bottom-line oriented and execute effectively.  They aspire to accomplish difficult tasks, maintain high standards, and are willing to work toward distant goals to attain excellence.  Actively seeks opportunities for personal development to achieve goals, objectives and success.